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Building Refurbishment – First Impressions matter to your business

Whether you own a building for business purposes, own your own home, or have rental property that requires building refurbishment, the external appearance will reflect onto you. Property owners want to reflect a sense of success and provide an appearance that inspires confidence and reliability onto all those that see the structure.

Reasons for damage

  • Mould
  • Water damage
  • The effects of time causing unsightly discolouration

If you are a business owner, the external appearance of your building can even dictate the amount of business that comes your way.

Property owners should have a reliable company that can take care of their needs in a fast and thorough manner.

Solutions to damage

  • Stone cleaning
  • Stone repair
  • Re-stabilisation of materials

We are a specialist maintenance company that can deliver all of these services and more. We have extensive experience in carrying out many types of building refurbishment.

We can match existing finishes on building exteriors and use a variety of mortars for structural repairs. We are a company that can undertake complete external building refurbishment even when that includes such concerns as replacing sealant joints, window repairs, or façade repairs and specialist coatings.

Recent project

One of our recent projects includes the Churchgate House in Manchester. This building had terracotta cladding that required extensive refurbishment. Specialist mortars were used and some areas were replaced entirely. Site moulds were also taken to manufacture various replacement elements that were later installed. Upon completion of the project the building was coated with a clear gaze coating that was water proof. The customer was extremely satisfied and expressed confident that he would have no hesitation in using OnSite Specialist Maintenance in the future.

The scope of our business goes beyond the walls of exterior buildings. We also specialise in anti-slip and floor safety systems, grit and sponge blasting, and crack injection.

Who are we?

OnSite Specialist Maintenance are the UK’s leading concrete repairs and leak sealing contractors. Based in Nottingham, a fully trained and committed team are able to work across the whole of the UK for a wide range of clients. The ability to deliver projects to the highest standard with 20 years of experience makes OnSite SM a comprehensive and reliable service. Contactable on 0115 933 5010 or via our contact page.

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