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Lift Pit Waterproofing

With years of experience, our highly trained staff specialise in lift pit waterproofing. We have completed many jobs around the UK including local companies in Nottingham. All of our services are environmentally friendly and compliant with legislation. This means we are able to complete jobs on the majority of sites up and down the country.

Stopping water leaks

A common configuration of a lift shaft is to accommodate a ground floor level which means there is a need for a lift pit. They are designed as extra space for the lift to sit while the doors align with ground floor level. The lowest part of the lift shaft is designed to withstand any underground water leaks. These pits can become susceptible to water ingress and the need for lift pit waterproofing.

Lift pit waterproofing helps solve more than one problem

Water can find its way through cracks in the floor and walls of a pit. This water ingress can then create condensation which can also affect areas inside lifts such as control panels and the floor counter where glass is found. If enough water is present in the lift pit further structural problems can occur as well as effecting the lift mechanism and electrical systems.

Our polyurethane injection systems are quick to seal any gaps or voids where water is causing a problem. This process is called lift pit waterproofing and can be completed in the time span of one day.

How does waterproofing compare to a render?

  • Waterproof rendering is an application that is layered onto the walls and floor of a pit. It temporarily deters water from seeping through cracks of the wall and flowing through channels into the lift pit. Water can still flow behind the render eventually leading to further cracks in the future.
  • Flexible injection waterproofing has the benefits of filling water ingress areas with an expanding resin. By completely blocking all of the cracks and channels with a waterproofing barrier any further problems are eradicated. The process consists of drilling holes into the structure where leaks are occurring. The lift pit waterproofing is then finished off by injecting resin and stopping water coming in contact with the reinforcement bar.

Injection waterproofing is a far better process which we strongly advise.

Quick and effective lift pit waterproofing

With little preparation needed and a short completion time, injection waterproofing with a flexible resin is a quick and clean way of waterproofing lift pits effectively.

Just like our lift pit waterproofing, our contact form is quick and easy to fill in. You can also call us if you have any enquiries on 0115 933 5010.

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