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Car Park Surfacing

OnSite SM are recognised Car Park Surfacing contractors offering a comprehensive service and unique expertise in large scale projects.

The demands placed upon existing multi-storey car parks have dramatically increased over the last decade. Users of city centre car parks no longer tolerate dark, damp, smelly places to leave their expensive vehicles and shoppers are ever aware of the risks associated with parking in places which leave them feeling vulnerable.

We have many years experience in providing a car park surfacing service as well as working with owners to attract parkers and at the same time ensure compliance with ever increasing Health & Safety demands.

Our car park surfacing contractors will take into account the various demands placed upon the parking structure when recommending the most appropriate car park surfacing and concrete repair systems working closely with our preferred manufacturers systems with a view to extending the structures life beyond 10 to 15 years.

Car park surfacing

Car park surfacing has additional demands due to dynamic movements, temperature variations and traffic movement. Car park decking is subjected to the most aggressive demands with high temperature variations and continual wetting/drying cycles often treated with a coloured elastomericanti-skid membrane, some of these are produced for rapid return of service.


Use of colour throughout a car park not only improves the visual impact and secure feel but can offer excellent concrete protection and signage for demarcation and direction.

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Recent Car Park Surfacing Project -

Chesterfield Police Station car park

Ian Farmer Associates were employed to carry out concrete investigation work and based upon their findings Focus Consultants Ltd Nottingham Office produced a detailed specification and schedule of works to enable competitive tender bids to be sought. Through Bluelight procurement process we were awarded the contract after submitting a competitive bid together with a track record demonstrating the companies experience in undertaking this type of restoration work.


Derbyshire Constabulary employed a local contractor to break out damaged concrete forming the lower ground and ground floor level decks used by the Police force for parking their vehicles and were shocked to find the condition of the concrete which had deteriorated due to spalling of the surfaces caused by reinforcing steel corrosion and freeze/thaw damage.


Concrete repair works, including a new coloured car park decking system supplied by Sika Ltd, together with a bright anti-carbonation paint finish to all soffits have completely transformed and extended the serviceable life of this 1970’s constructed car park.

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