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Resin Injection

Concrete buildings are continually being constructed across the country, either for high rise tower blocks or aircraft hangars, they all have that period of time straight after construction where settlement occurs.

Settlement can lead to unforeseen cracks occurring in structures. Corrosion all too often occurs in these cracks if they are left untreated.

Resin injection for concrete cracks

Different solutions are available dependant on the type of building or structure that is in need of repair.

  • High strength resin injection – for structural repair
  • Flexible elastic – for concrete crack repair
  • Chemical resistant – for use where joints are water bearing or open to chemical attack
  • Heat resistant – protection from high temperatures

Concrete resin injection is also fire resistant.

Resin injection systems offer the benefit of fire and heat resistance where high temperatures often occur.

Our position as one of the UK market resin injection contractors means we have dealt with large scale projects across the UK. Our wealth of experience means we offer highly trained concrete repair teams specialising in providing an excellent resin injection service. Our solutions are smooth and efficient.

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Recent Resin Injection Project -

IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire


The newly constructed concrete apron had developed minor cracking through settlement.

The cracks required structural crack injection bonding in order to reinstate the slab to its original design abilities and also protect the embedded reinforcement from corrosion.


The slab was repaired utilising high strength structural grade epoxy resin injection materials from the Fosroc range of products.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance Ltd were extremely helpful, their advice insured the resin crack repair was carried out safely and with no disruption to our staff or customers.

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