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Bund Lining

Does your bund lining meet the legal requirements?

There are different types of bund walls from brick and block bunds to concrete bunds.

Each type is susceptible to contamination if it is not correctly protected by a bund lining. Our secondary containment consists of the creation of a bund wall if the primary containment of tank lining fails.

The four most common problems with bunds

  • Damaged bund walls, cracks and holes
  • Leaking bunds
  • Contaminated bund walls
  • Unsealed bund pipes

You can quickly assess your own bund wall using three simple bund checks

These problems can occur from many different situations. As bund lining consultants our lining is designed to be chemical resistant no matter whether it was damaged from previous chemical erosion, deficient secondary containment expansion joints or from accidental wall damage.

Our bund lining service is completely seamless and within our range contain solutions for the most aggressive chemical attack. As well as providing chemical resistance our bund lining is environmentally friendly and also meet the stringent F90 fire classification, providing a new solution to a very old problem where flammable liquids are contained.

Three steps are taken to completing a new bund lining system

  1. Our experts will clean the existing location with either water or grit blasting and then left to dry
  2. An epoxy bund liner is then applied
  3. Finally glass silicate is used to give it a finish

The environmental agency has released a set of standards that must now be adhered to, making sure that secondary containment is efficiently protecting any bunds. Bund Standards (PDF)

Areas of expertise:

  • Petrochemical storage bund lining tanks with new fireproof technology
  • Fuel and chemical storage bund liners
  • Trade effluent storage
  • High temperature solutions

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Recent Bund Lining Project -

Celanese, Derby


Celanese is an American acetate film business based in Spondon, Derbyshire. The company manufactures acetate flake and tow used to make cigarette filters. The site has numerous concrete bund tanks.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance Ltd were employed to apply a chemical resistant bund lining to one of the site bunds.


The bund tank was repaired with MC KM250 repair mortar and lined with MC Dur1800 epoxy chemical resistant bund lining system.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance knowledge in the field of chemical resistant coatings insured that the right products were specified and applied to the highest standards.

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