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Basement Tanking

OnSite Specialist Maintenance can provide a range of basement tanking systems for both internal and external tanking, recognised and authorised by the leading manufacturers.

We carry out full internal render systems to any underground structure to provide a watertight environment.

How basement waterproofing can help you

Our basement waterproofing systems can be installed to both new and existing structures. We can offer designers and property owners the most appropriate system to suit the structure using cementitious (render and slurries) and cavity drainage or external membranes.

BS8102 identifies 3 different types of use varying from Grade 1 suitable for plant rooms where slight seepage tolerable ie. Car parks; through to Grade 3 – dry environment: ventilated residential and commercial areas, i.e. restaurants. Note: Archives and landmark buildings require a controlled environment.

  • TYPE A – Barrier protection using either internal rigid cementitious (Sika-1 system, Thoroseal, Vandex) or external membranes (self adhesive, pre-applied mechanically bonded, Bentonite sheet systems, coatings etc)
  • TYPE B – Integral construction using colloidal silicate pore blocking admixtures cast within the concrete.
  • TYPE C – Drained protection using HDPE/polypropylene cavity drainage membranes (Safeguard, Sika, Newtonite).

What needs to be taken into consideration

We will also take into consideration the following factors in selecting the most cost effective long-term remedy for basement waterproofing and basement tanking:

  • Age of building.
  • Intended use and life expectancy.
  • Locations and site topography i.e. Can water readily drain away?
  • Type and condition of structure i.e. Instable masonry may require strengthening/stabilising using gunite prior to waterproofing.
  • Availability of existing drainage.

Areas of expertise:

Where water management is preferred we install drainage solutions and professionally fitted and managed pump waterproofing systems ensuring a long-term managed solution is provided to all clients.

  • Internal rendering of basements
  • Water management, internal basement tanking systems
  • External tanking systems
  • Remedial repairs to existing waterproofing

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Recent Basement Tanking Project -

Bramall Centre, London


The Bramall centre is a basement office development carried out to a residential block in North London. The centre was to be affordable office space for local business. The basement required a basement tanking solution prior to the office fit out.


OnSite Specialist Maintenance Ltd was employed to install the John Newton 500 basement tanking system. Unlike conventional ‘tanking’, Newton System 500 basement tanking system places designed maintainable depressurisation voids at known weaknesses in the structure so that problem water is simply captured and diverted out of the property.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance Ltd were extremely helpful, their advice insured the job was carried out safely and with no disruption to our residents."

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