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Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Working on numerous Network Rail structures, OnSite Specialist Maintenance are approved bridge deck waterproofing contractors.

We work with Acrylic Hydrogel Resin systems which can be applied to brick, stone and steel bridges and tunnels throughout the UK.

The system of Acrylic Hydrogel Resin injection for structural waterproofing has been installed to numerous Network Rail structures as a successful solution. It is considered the most economical bridge deck waterproofing service within the rail industry, especially where removal of the permanent way and expensive line possessions are undesired.

All works are carried out without any disruption to the local rail or road network. As a full bridge deck waterproofing company, our service will protect against water infiltration, carbonation and chemicals.

Problems that lead to bridge deck waterproofing

  • Corrosion from years of precipitation
  • Previous waterproofing systems failing
  • Carbonation of the reinforced steel

What to expect from our waterproofing systems

On completion, the manhole lining will be:

  • Leak tight from water infiltration
  • Chemical resistant to degradation
  • Highly durable for an extensive amount of years

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Recent Bridge Deck Waterproofing Project -

Hurst Lane under Bridge


The original waterproofing system had begun to fail and water was visibly leaking through the underside of the brick barrel, the bridge had been selected for renewal of the bridge deck waterproofing by Network Rail engineers.


The GL95 bridge deck waterproofing system is a highly innovative elastomer injection waterproofing system with excellent cyclic deflection capabilities. The materials can be installed to a live line without the need for costly track possessions.

We hope that we will be in a position to continue working with you to provide Network Rail with an economical solution to waterproofing structures/decks where removal of the permanent way is undesirable.

John Haycock Framework Manager
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