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Grit Blasting

Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting or shot blasting is a surface preparation technique used for the removal of coatings from any surface and any structure regardless of the situation.

OnSite SM is a recognised grit blasting company, offering a comprehensive service and unique expertise in large scale projects.

Do you have poisonous materials that need removing?

  • Lead paint
  • Asbestos

Our grit blasting techniques include:

  • Wet blasting – Abrasive media with hot and soapy water. It eliminates dust, degreases and blasts the surface. This all aids in the removal of poisonous materials such as asbestos. This removal makes sure there is effective decontamination.
  • Vacuum blasting – A clean solution to wet blasting. There is no cleaning necessary and it is a fully justifiable method for surface preparation.
  • NEW (recommended), Sponge-jet blasting – Minimal dust, clean and dry. Sponge technology soaks up the dust as it comes into contact with the surface, reducing the mess created compared to normal abrasive blasting.

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Recent Grit Blasting Project -

Bestwood Engine Winding House

Our vast experience and technical knowledge in the field of grit blasting and surface preparation has resulted in the successful completion of many projects.

Most recently our sponge jet dust free blasting system was utilised on the Bestwood Colliery refurbishment in Nottingham. The project required surface preparation, which included the safe removal of the lead based coatings from the structural steelwork. Grit blasting was the original method specified but this was problematic due to the high lead content within the paint.


OnSite Specialist Maintenance was initially asked to look at carrying out concrete repairs to the supporting columns of the stock heads.

The supporting columns were found to be concrete encased structural steel work the steel was encased in concrete to add strength and required large extensive concrete repairs to restore to its former glory.

On completion of the concrete repairs the concrete received a cement based levelling mortar to leave a uniform finish.

While on site OnSite Specialist Maintenance were approached to see if we could assist with a major dilemma. The original coatings to the structural steelwork were lead based which presented obvious problems with regard to the surface preparation and the safe removal of the original coatings open grit blasting was not an option. The projects finances were already stretched and the cost alone to erect a scaffold between the stock head and the winding house was in excess of £45,000.00.


Fortunately our expertise in the field of surface preparation and innovative approach saved the day. Utilising our sponge-jet blasting system, the lead based materials were removed safely and without the need for expensive scaffolding, this resulted in the project being completed on time and importantly within budget.

The project was in danger of going over budget, OnSite Specialist Maintenance and the sponge-jet system saved the day, allowing the lead based materials to be safely removed and keeping the project on track.

Chris Bragg - Snr Structural Engineer
Nottingham City Council
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