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Brickwork Repair

OnSite Specialist Maintenance carry out all forms of brickwork repairs, replacement, stitching, stabilisation brickwork repointing and remedial wall ties.

We also have an extensive knowledge and expertise in the brick repair and structural restoration and strengthening of cracked or bulging brickwork using a variety of techniques including resin anchors and stainless steel ties together with crack stitching or reconstruction.

Problems that lead to brickwork repairs

Masonry deterioration is most commonly related to structural movement leading to cracking/spalling and subsequent penetration of rainwater leading to freeze/thaw damage.

Surface erosion is highly influenced by the nature and porosity of the masonry and its location ie. constant wetting/drying will lead to accelerated decay. Selection of appropriate re-pointing mortar is crucial, as too strong a mix will lead to differential shrinkage stress cracking through the stone/brickwork.

Solutions to deteriorated brickwork

We frequently use lime-modified mortars for repointing works. Our engineers are equipped to offer structural strengthening solutions including bedding stainless steel ties or through the masonry fixed in position with resin-based adhesives.

Reinstatement of eroded brick or stone is usually carried out using bespoke colour-matched mortars providing similar surface appearances and textures. Further deterioration can be minimised by use of impregnating clear resins which are undetectable and capable of extending the life of the structure.

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Recent Brickwork Repair Project -

Moat House, Longbridge, Birmingham.

The project involved brickwork repairs and stabilisation of 3 nr 8 storey tower blocks. The remedial works were required to stabilise the brickwork prior to repointing and over-cladding the structure with an external insulation render system. The works formed part of Birmingham City Councils decent homes scheme.


The blocks required brickwork repair, repointing and new remedial wall ties throughout. The Ancon resin / mechanical wall tie was selected for the project. Each block received in excess of 9000 wall ties.

Concrete repair solution:

Utilising mast climbers for access, the Ancon mechanical / resin remedial wall ties were installed at 450mm centres horizontally and vertically.

OnSite Specialist Maintenance Specialist Maintenance Ltd on various schemes throughout the city and would have no hesitation in recommending them for future schemes...

Paul Greaves - Project Manager
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