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OnSite achieves Achilles ten-year carbon reduction achievement award

OnSite achieves Achilles ten-year carbon reduction achievement award

OnSite, a leading provider of specialist engineering services, is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious ten-year achievement in carbon reduction on the Achilles Carbon Reduce programme. This milestone reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and its dedication to making a positive impact on the planet.

Under the guidance and persistence of its sustainability team and driven by the vision of its leadership, the company has made remarkable progress towards achieving its goals – with the ultimate target being to attain net zero. Recognising the valuable contribution of our colleagues, credit goes to Catherine Henderson, head of compliance and QUENSH systems, Kevin Carter, transport manager, David Offord, environmental and sustainability co-ordinator and Tom Rochford, head of drainage services.

During the last decade OnSite has identified and implemented a number of specific initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the business and its activities. These include:

In-house ROSPA driver assessments – To ensure the competence of its drivers, those scoring low on the assessments receive additional training to enhance their skills and promote safer, more efficient driving.

Fleet vehicle efficiency improvement – The complete LCV fleet has been converted to modern, low-emission, Euro 6 engines with start/stop and emergency stop features. This has resulted in reduced fuel consumption, cleaner burning engines (producing less highly polluting NOᵪ) and compliance with UK low emissions zones.

Lightfoot vehicle telematics – These units have been deployed on all operational vehicles and connected to the vehicle’s engine control unit. They monitor and modify driver behaviour and target fuel use, driver safety and downtime reduction. Real-time prompts are provided to drivers if poor driving behaviour is detected.

Initial results from the pilot program showed impressive MPG savings of 7.7% for VW Caddys, 13.3% for VW Transporters and 16.8% for VW Crafters, potentially leading to annual savings of 194.6tCO₂ across the fleet.

Electric vehicle (EV) company car policy – All new company cars are now either plug-in hybrid or battery EVs, in a drive for cleaner and more sustainable business transportation. Estimated savings 14.8 tCO₂ p/a on a small fleet of 18 vehicles. The implementation of EV vehicles has been supported by the installation of EV charge points at OnSite depots.

Carbon friendly CCTV inspection fleet – Vans, which previously would have required engines to run while stationary to power CCTV inspections, are progressively being fitted with batteries and rooftop solar panels as an alternative, cleaner, quieter source of power. The estimated saving is 12.8 tCO₂ p/a on six vehicles.

Battery powered site equipment – OnSite has replaced petrol generators to power site tools with battery powered equipment to mitigate environmental pollution from combustion emissions and noise. This will provide estimated savings of 3-5 tCO₂ p/a.

LED depot lighting – Informed by energy audits, a retrofit installation of energy-efficient LED lighting in OnSites’s Swindon and Worcester offices has resulted in estimated savings of 12.3tCO₂ p/a and a 30% reduction in site electricity consumption. Further installations are planned for other sites as necessary, contributing to long-term energy and emissions savings.

Solar PV installation – A solar PV scoping study has been undertaken to understand the environmental and commercial benefits of installing solar PV systems at the Worcester site. This sustainable energy solution is estimated to save approximately 28.3tCO₂e per year and avoid around 44.6% of site grid electricity consumption. The implementation of solar power demonstrates OnSite’s commitment to renewable energy sources and a greener future.

By considering, researching and implementing these targeted initiatives, OnSite has not only significantly reduced its carbon emissions but has also set a shining example for other businesses in the industry. The effort of the dedicated colleagues involved has paved the way for a more sustainable future, proving that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.

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