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Does My Building Need Concrete Repair?

Concrete is tough right? That’s why it’s used in constructing road, foundations and buildings.

But the life cycle of concrete means that buildings constructed in this way are measured in decades, rather than centuries. Despite being perceived as strong and durable, concrete is actually very susceptible to outside influences.

Other than physical strains such as subsidence, root damages or impact damage, the main problem in keeping concrete structures in good health is water.Concrete continues to absorb water long after construction is completed. Full of impurities, it degrades the internal chemistry of concrete which in turn reduced the strength and durability within the construction.

Without adequate waterproofing and regular repairs, concrete buildings can degrade far quicker than their brick or composite structures.

Clearly, this isn’t a situation that is tolerated by owners, investors or tax payers for whom these constructions serve a purpose – not only in monetary costs, but also from an environmental perspective.

This is why all concrete structures require regular maintenance, most of which is fairly common sense for most buildings of any material.

Keep the surface free of damage and prevent water from permeating into it.

In fact, regular waterproofing extends the life of a concrete building by hundreds of years. To keep things damage free, leak sealing any cracks is also essential to maintain the structural integrity and reduces any further damage from the elements.

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine – it is important to tackle any physical defects quickly and to implement a good maintenance program. Whilst our professional concrete inspections are there to help, prevention is always better than a cure.

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