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Is Your Concrete Fire Damaged?

Is Your Concrete Fire Damaged?

Concrete is probably one of the most durable building materials in use today. Imagine what the world would be like without this dependable substance. Our urban landscape would be very different, as it is used on a wide variety of buildings and structures.

There are really very few elements that cause any real damage to concrete, but one that can cause significant damage is fire.

Examining fire damaged concrete

Unfortunately, as durable as concrete is, when it is exposed to fire it can be rendered structurally unstable. In these cases a careful examination of the surface should be conducted in order to ensure the structural integrity of the material.

And unlike many materials, a repair of fire-damaged concrete should only be done by professionals like ourselves here at OnSite Specialist Maintenance.

Our experienced team will do an extensive examination of the concrete to determine the amount of fire damaged caused and will advise you on the best solution to resolve your problem.

How to know if your concrete is fire damaged

A great indicator that shows the extent of the fire damage is a visual one. Once concrete has been exposed to fire it changes colour.

If we find that the concrete has gone from white or grey to pink, orange or red then it usually indicates that it has significant damage and is more than likely to be structurally unsound.

This change in colour is an indicator that the fire was at a hot enough temperature to change the physical properties of the concrete, therefore making it unsafe. In most cases, samples that can be taken from the surface and sent to a laboratory for examination can determine whether it can be repaired or should be replaced.

What to do next

If your property has suffered fire damage, do not hesitate to contact us here at OnSite Specialist Maintenance as our speciality is concrete repair.

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