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Cathodic Protection of Concrete

Cathodic Protection of Concrete

A technique used in concrete structures, cathodic protection controls the corrosion of steel reinforcing bars.

External elements can play havoc with structures, forcing them to deteriorate from chloride attack and carbonation. Chloride ingress can become a major problem and is typically caused by salt in sea water. Once steel starts to oxidise it will be consumed by rust. This can also lead to horizontal cracks in concrete and large deterioration in structures. Cathodic protection of concrete can also protect against the corrosion process. Anodes and Cathodes can react together also forming rust similar to that which occurs in batteries.

Floating pontoon and specialist access equipment

How Retrofitted Cathodic Protection Of Concrete Works

Our retrofitting is either done through the use of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) or Sacrificial Anodes. Existing structures that do not have any cathodic protection must be retrofitted with an expanded mesh or point system. Surface preparation is then applied to all areas of the structure where the installation will take place. A DC current is necessary throughout, which insures a uniform level of current is achieved. The expanded mesh anode will typically be coated with a grout to totally cover the design.

Completed culvert with cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection Of Concrete For New Installations

New structures are installed with protected rebars. A Mixed Metal Oxide ribbon mesh or strip is nearly always installed with a new structure prior to the concrete casting. These are installed parallel to the reinforcement bars establishing an electrical isolation, essential for a DC current to run continuous. A common technique used throughout Europe and North America.

We have recently completed a contract in South Wales. Completion of the project was reached through the use of specialist access equipment and floating pontoons. This was undertaken on a bridge underside in a marine environment.

We undertake any jobs related to cathode protection. You can email us or phone us via our contact page.

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