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Sewage Digester Tank Lining

Resistance to chemical attack

Digester tanks are the home to anaerobic digestion – A waste management system that breaks down the accumulation of waste production. This process is made clean and efficient by the use of an efficient tank lining. A high quality digester tank lining that is completely seamless will ensure that no leaks or cracks are able to form. Linings must be chemical resistant to provide a full level of protection.

Over time your lining may fail

Linings that are inadequate can eventually expose the concrete to attack. Hydrogen Sulphide gases aggressively attack concrete when they come into contact with each other. In these situations the failed lining system needs to be removed from the concrete surface and prepared through the technique of open grit blasting. This method tends to leave a key to the substrate – ideal for the application of a new protective lining system.

Silicate lining system

We spray the tank lining onto the surface, prepared previously with shot blasting. The final finish is open to water diffusion which is critical if long term protection is to be guaranteed.

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