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Manhole Water Infiltration

Manhole Water Infiltration

Manhole water infiltration can be a serious problem and must be contained before intoxicating gases are produced.

Rain water, surface run off and waste water effluent are typical water sources that lead to the need for manhole lining or even as far as the replacement of the whole chamber.

So, how does manhole water infiltration lead to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) gas?

As well as water infiltration, build up in sewers and manholes is a common problem where blockages occur. These blockages are then stopping water flow and stagnant water becomes the main catalyst in creating gases ultimately leading to manhole explosions.

The H2S gas builds up when wastewater is left for too long resulting in strong smells in the manholes.

Manhole water infiltration and the subsequent problems which this leads onto can all be solved through manhole rehabilitation.

Simply cleaning the sewer of blockages may well temporarily fix the problem, it is inevitable that the problem will reoccur and eventually become a major problem. A solid waterproof sealant needs to be applied that is chemical resistant and above all, leak tight.

Cutting the problem of water penetrating through the permeable ground surround the manhole will cut the problem of sewer build up.

What can you do?

All of our workers are familiar with the risks of confined spaces in contact with wastewater and are breathing apparatus (BA) trained with the appropriate safety practices.

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