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Rope Access Inspections

Rope Access Inspections

Over the course of their lifetime, concrete buildings slowly deteriorate and are in constant need of condition surveys, typically annually but these can also be more frequent if the building is old or due for a revamp.

What ways are there to survey a building?

There are the old traditional methods of producing a building condition survey, which resulted in expensive and lengthy processes. These consisted of scaffolding, access platforms and cradles.

More detailed information can be found on Wikipedia.

Rope access offers a much cheaper and more viable option over the recent years. The simplicity speeds the inspection work up dramatically, where workers can carry out the inspection in only a few hours.

OnSite SM have recently been contracted to carry out rope access services on a Midland hospital.

As well as being a cheaper and faster alternative there is also one further benefit. Little to no disruption is caused meaning that services such as roads and businesses are able to carry on while the work is being carried out.

Problems occur occasionally that are unexpected. These can include water ingress finding a way into the structure and developing problems or just the fact that the brickwork is getting old which can also result in damage and defects.

Numerous services are available through structural surveys ranging from water penetration testing and the removal of loose concrete through to all types of surveys.

We carry out building condition surveys to a wide range of structures. Our most common inspections are carried out on high rise buildings, bridges and tunnels.

Are surveys still reported in the same way?

Reports are generated the same way, whether they are DVD recordings, audio or photography. Photos are typically the most common way of reporting as a simple yet effective way of showing the problems to the outside of a building or structure. Photos provide instant access to the data, meaning clients are able to choose which photos are suitable for the report.

Who are we?

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